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About Shabari Mango

Shabari awaits for Rama's arrival endlessly when Rama arrived she has nothing to offer other than her heart and few tasted berries. Rama ate them and noticed a bowl of handmade leaves in which she offered the fruits Rama got impressed and blessed the shabari and also The tree. So the tree naturally frows in the shape of a bowl and serves people endlessly. Love and presentation is the philosophy of shabari mango


We choose this vesangi grass very carefully,it protects the mango inside and produces the heat which is needed for the ripening process.


This is the only alternate for carbide in ripening process,it releases methane gas in natural way and mango absorbs many qualities from its gases that which are very much beneficial to our health.


Its kerala state flower, Thailand's national flowers,contains many qualities, it enhances the quality and taste of the mango ,it is used in curing indigestion, knee pains and many more and its priceless for human health